Here’s eight top tips to reduced the use of plastic in order to make our planet plastic free :

1. Say no to disposable plastic cutlery

We’ve all been there – caught out in a cafe or at a train station when we’ve bought a salad or a yogurt but the only cutlery on offer is plastic! Whilst it’s hard to plan for every opportunity, consider carrying a spoon or fork (or spork!) in your bag or keeping cutlery in your desk at work.

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2. Get your milk delivered

Although the early morning sound of a milk float is not as common as it used to be, there are still lots of places in the UK where you can get milk delivered in glass bottles – which are then collected and reused.

Milk Delivery Service Regains Popularity

3. Carry a shopping bag

Since the plastic bag charge was introduced in England, there’s been a massive 85% drop in their use. Many of us are used to carrying an extra bag with us – if you still find it hard to remember, try a foldaway one that you can carry in your normal day bag.

Making just a few small changes can have a big impact on the amount of plastic we use on a day-to-day basis.

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4. Carry a reusable bottle

In the India we use millions plastic bottles every day! Carrying a reusable bottle is a great way to cut your plastic use and save money too!

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5. Say no to plastic straws

Plastic straws are bad news for our oceans. Next time you order a drink, think about whether you need a straw – and if you don’t, just say no! You can also ask your local pub to stop adding straws to drinks as standard and offer paper straws to those who want one.

Plastic Straws: A Single Use that Lasts a Lifetime | by Rachelle Adelante |  GREEN ZINE | Medium

6. Take a reusable coffee cup

Billions of disposal cups are thrown away every year in the India. Carry a reusable cup with you

7. Avoid excessive food packaging

Whether it’s making different choices in the supermarket or choosing a different place to shop, we can all try and cut down the plastic we buy. And as an added bonus, loose fruit and veg is often cheaper than pre-packaged alternatives!

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8. Use refill stations for detergents

There are some products where it’s difficult to avoid a plastic container (for example washing up liquid or laundry liquid) – the good news is that there are an increasing amount of places where you can refill your old bottles. 

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