The new Islamic rules after the revolution in 1979 impelled women to have Hijab outdoors. The form and the face of this phenomenon have been refashioned but the core proposition is the one Islam has defined centuries ago.
The idea is to cover the whole hair, arms, and hands up to the wrist and legs to the ankle. In the past, women used to wear Chador to cover up the whole body except the face, with a large piece of cloth. Nowadays, women still wear a black chador in the streets. This is more common and customary in religious cities such as Qom, Mashhad, Yazd, and Isfahan.
The popular form of hijab for people is to have long trousers, knee-length manteau, and a headscarf.

What to wear in Winter

Winter fashion is already compatible with the hijab. The only thing to add is a headscarf or a hat that covers the hair fully.

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What to wear in summer

Spring and summer are the colorful seasons of the year. There are uncountable options to choose to wear in hot seasons in Iran. Due to the high temperature, it is recommended to put on a layer of cotton clothes. For instance, a long sleeve loose shirt and a long skirt or a long dress would be great. Moreover, wide-leg and palazzo trousers come out into the market during the summer.

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Many foreign tourists wonder if it is OK to wear colorful, floral or paisley clothes in Iran. The answer is a big fat YES!
It is absolutely fine to wear any color you like, with any patterns you fancy. The hijab is about covering the body; there is no limitation on the design.

The other frequently asked question is if there will be a problem if they wear sandals in Iran; Definitely Not.
It is pretty common to wear any kind of sandals in summer. In general, your shoes are not going to make you any trouble here!

Hijab for Children and Babies

Basically Islam says that girls should start wearing the hijab from the age of 9. However, in Iran, girls usually do so almost when their body gets mature like a woman. If you are traveling with your young daughter, you can pack her some long jeans and loose T-shirts or shirts. Hijab rules are less strict for young people.

Hijab for men

Yes, that’s right! Men also need to follow a dress code. Short trousers and tank tops are not socially accepted here. However, shoes, Tshirts, shirts, and trousers in any color would be fine for male foreign tourists in Iran. Keep in mind that in beach cities the atmosphere is different; are the rules mentioned above are taken less seriously there.

Is it ok to show a little hair with a hijab?

The Islamic rules say no, but in the real daily life of Iranians you will see a different thing. It is no problem to show a little hair when you have your scarf on.

Can they lose their headscarf?

Nope. They always need to keep the headscarf on and keep their arms and legs covered.